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Company Founder

For the past 15 years, Frank Abrams has created and marketed HR Tech services such as Careerhub mobile job alert apps (iOS and Android), website job boards, and scoring and matching services. His career includes both corporate and entrepreneurial roles. Notably, he has led teams to exits at Flying Disc Entertainment – public company symbol FDCD (digital media productions) and My Favorite Sunset Hotel Reservation Network; a marketing and hotel reservations system.

Developer Shareholders

Every member of the development team at Geescore is a shareholder.The Team at Geescore is made up of experts, with experience at Fortune 500 companies. They work in AI, ML, parsing unstructured data, db, dev ops, serverless micro-services, marketing, front end extensions, webpage embedded widgets and other functions.


Built & Ready to Grow

We serve both jobseekers as well as hiring companies, brands, and job publishers.The nature of Geescore is to operate in the “front-end” with applications that engage users directly in real time. The core operation for the AI based jobseeker scoring, is to collect a resume, email and zipcode, just once, and then return validated jobseeker scores in multiple front end channels; webpages, social landing pages, fan sites, job posts - all in 2-3 seconds. The complete service and platform is built and operational.


Decades of Experience

We are fortunate to have a strong team of Advisors, who are all Geescore Inc. shareholders.They have a deep network of relationships with the leaders and decision-makers at every significant operator in Human Capital Management HCM. Our Advisors are recognized on many top lists and are recognized throughout the HR industry as trusted, experienced, and wise. They believe in what we are doing, and committed to help Geescore grow and succeed.

Clients & Partnerships

Our Advisors have been able to provide access and introductions to develop business, and have suggested features, functionality & design fixes, as well as new applications of our AI based SaaS platform. Our Advisors actively recommend channel partners, technology partners and integrators, private label licensing and distribution opportunities.

Experienced Deal Makers

Every one of our Advisors has been involved in mergers and acquisitions in the HR industry.Geescore Inc. has access to the leaders of innovative companies ready to explore opportunities such as corporate investments, acquisitions, and business sales.

Matching & Scoring

Jobseekers in seconds


Speed - Reliability - Scalability

Our goal is to use our AI based validated scoring to deliver a score in seconds, as a core feature, like the speed of google search results. Reliability refers to both the validated score, and delivering the score result quickly. Scalability is ready with a serverless micro-services architecture currently on AWS.

More than Jobseeker Scoring

This AI based front-end platform delivers a jobseeker scoring solution that fixes the #1 problem in HR - too many unsuitable job applicants. We deliver the score in seconds, before the jobseeker applies for the job. The AI Scoring as a Service platform is designed for other scoring, matching, and recommendation applications accessible to both consumers and business customers, in social networks, search bars, brand fan sites, webpages, mobile apps, and browser extensions.



Burn Rate

The monthly costs to operate Geescore prior to external funding have ranged from US $8,000 to $10,000. At this level of funding, the team is operating at about 20% of potential while still being able to build a complete working service, not just an MVP. Our target is to raise US $1.4 million to operate for 18 months at full throttle.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our scoring service is being used inside job posts, job search, webpages and browser extensions.

My Jobscore Fan Site Get the Interview, Get the JobGeescore live job postings with embedded scoring widget


We project a mix of setup fees, monthly fees, usage-based revenues for B2C and B2B, revenues for B2B branded AI scoring, brand positive fan sites as well as workforce planning program consulting in AI, Web 3 and scoring.


Our launch began with Network Distribution Partner programs with leading HR Influencers on LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok in career development, coaching, resume development eg David Alto & My Jobscore, and continues with direct B2B sales to brands, HR co.s, Corporate, and channel partner development.

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